The project is implemented by Environment, Climate Change and Coffee Forest Forum (ECCCFF) in partnership with Degaga Kebele at Degaga Kebele, Heban Arsi Woreda, West Arsi zone of Oromia National Region State at Eastern part of Lake Langano with financial support of small grant GEF-SGP-UNDP to support the effort made by government of Ethiopia in natural resources rehabilitation while contributing to combate food insecurity and improvement of livelihood of farmers in Degaga Kebele of Heban Arsi, West Arsi of Oromia Regional National.

The intention of the project is to conserve and rehabilitate the deforested Degaga Mountain while diversifying livelihoods of the communities around to improve their socio-economic status to eventually mitigating siltation in Lakes Langano and Abjata

The objective of the project is:

  1. To contribute toward Natural resource conservation and ecosystem Rehabilitation,
  2. To promote livelihood improvement and diversification of local communities,
  3. To introduce and stimulate energy efficient technology to CBO members.

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