Welcome to Environment, Climate Change and Coffee Forest Forum (ECCCFF)

After long years of charitable services as independent entities in Ethiopia, Environment and Coffee Forest Forum and Climate Change Forum Ethiopia have decided to merge and operate as a single Ethiopian resident charity in 2017. The merger and consolidation took over a year and fulfilled all the criteria of Ethiopian Government regulatory requirements. Subsequently, Environment, Climate Change and Coffee Forest Forum (ECCCFF) was established as an Ethiopian Resident Charity and Licensed on June 05, 2017 by the Charities and Societies Agency of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (with registration No. 03799) in accordance with the Charities and Societies Proclamation No. 621/2009.  The Charity was established by a group of professionals, prominent individuals, scholars, in order to strengthen and promote networking among different institutions and to serve communities at large.


  • to generate knowledge that fosters the conservation and judicious management of coffee forests and their biodiversity in Ethiopia,
  • to design coffee forest management systems and standards that enhance the conservation and sustainable use of forest resources by the local communities,
  • to evaluate production practices of forest coffee and other non-timber forest products based on international standards,
  • to design mainstreaming system of local livelihood diversification and environmental monitoring,
  • to strengthen the capacity of government sectors, local community and other stakeholders that help to cope with climate changes,
  • to propose ecosystems management systems and standards that improve sustainable use of natural resources,
  • to provide scientific information and expert advice on biodiversity and environmental issues to policy makers,
  • to collect and disseminate information on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and coffee forests,
  • to educate and train young researchers and environmentally aware citizens to meet the current challenges of environmental change,
  • to create awareness and a joint discussion forum for governmental and non-governmental organizations and those involved in the conservation and use of coffee forest resources.

Our Core Values

  • Genuine and mutual partnership 100%
  • Humanity 100%
  • Neutrality 100%
  • Gender equity and equality 100%
  • People centered 100%
  • Commitment 100%
  • Loyalty 100%
  • Team Spirit 100%
  • Responsive to challenges of environmental and climate change 100%
  • Multi-sect oral Partnership 100%
  • Transparency , accountability and value for money 100%
  • Learning , innovation and adaptation 100%
  • Shared understanding 100%
  • Efficiency and effectiveness 100%

Some of our Projects